18 Mar 2011

Don’t be an Office Bitch, Live your life!

Well this goes out to all my friends, who are working their ass off for their jobs and literally missing out on their life. Some people are working seven days a week and for what? Get a
16 Jun 2010

Think Big, Work Hard

Success can be defined in only four words, Think Big and Work Hard, that’s it, once you get these right, you will find success no matter what. Well in a way, success will find you! Lesson Learned: 
13 Jan 2010

How to deal with sudden changes in your Business

World is changing as I am writing this post about dealing with the sudden change in business, it is changing every second. But many a times we forget these thing and we got too busy doing our
8 Dec 2009

Quotes from The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Well I was searching some quotes for my notice board from the movie the secret by Rhonda Byrne and I found handful quotes from it, so I though I would save them here on my blog and
1 Apr 2009

Take The Road Less Traveled

Following are the last two lines of the Poem “Road less taken” by Robert Frost. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the ‘one less traveled’ by, And that has made all the
12 Jan 2009

What is Entrepreneurship?

When I looked at the web for the Definition of Entrepreneurship I came up with a lot of Definitions which are as follows, They are in a way understanding the term in a logical manner but in
29 Nov 2008

Don’t Give Free Advice to People

There is a German proverb, Never Give your advice until asked for it. Yeah, this thing was on my mind for quite some time but its time for the implementation. Don’t give your advice to people until
29 Nov 2008

Learn to Say No to People

Well this is the first post in this blog, I was thinking from where to start, I guess this is the ideal topic to start this blogging journey. How many times this has happened with you that