Don’t Give Free Advice to People

There is a German proverb, Never Give your advice until asked for it.

Yeah, this thing was on my mind for quite some time but its time for the implementation. Don’t give your advice to people until they ask you for it. What generally happens is that when you are an expert on a subject or have some good knowledge you want to help other people out on it, you might even want to help them from the start. You found something good you might start recommending it to the people you know. But wait why the hell you are telling them, they don’t want to know about it, you just want to tell them!

Suppose you are a software engineer and you know everything about this industry, i am into insurance sector, you know that software market is going to boom up and you tell me about it, but what the hell i am into insurance boy, i dont care whether software industry goes up or down.

I know its hard to resist but too much talking is bad. You should learn to keep things to yourself. Found something good, dont go around and tell everybody about it. More the words spread, the lesser piece of it you will gonna get. so its better to keep your mouth shut unless someone asked for it.

When somebody asks your advice on something you are good at, they first listen to you carefully and thank you for helping them out. Then your advice is counted otherwise you are labelled as talkative.  So i guess its better to keep good things to yourself, your knowledge is important and it should go to the people who deserve it and will use it for their benefit and thank you for your expertise on the subject or matter in hand.

At last I would say do unto others, as you want them to do unto you.

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