Learn to Say No to People

Well this is the first post in this blog, I was thinking from where to start, I guess this is the ideal topic to start this blogging journey. How many times this has happened with you that you planned to study for this weekend and suddenly your friend come up with idea of another trip and you was not able to say no and your studies got effected? You did not wanted to do the cooking for your friend but if he/she asks you cant refuse? How many times othe people’s unimportant things have hampered your own schedule of doing things? Well, yes it has happened with many of us, we let other people’s priorities to get into our own time table.

Learning to say “NO” will help you with all this.  You can directly say “NO, I am not able to help you with that” . If you want to give an explanation(to your dear friends or relatives) you should simply say:”NO, I have already made an another appointment for this time” or “NO, sorry. I am afraid I have to decline because I have no spare time.”

Other ways of saying NO:

  • I can´t do this right now.
  • NO, thanks. Not this time. Thank you for asking.
  • Sorry, but NO.
  • Please accept that I cannot come.
  • I´d rather not.

But sometimes it happens that when some one make a request you have to think it over. Sounds familier? Well for these times what you can do is use an empathic NO, stating you would have done it under different circumstances but you cant do it now.

“Sorry, no. I would have kept your dog next weekend. But I am going to visit my parents. I know it will be hard to find someone to take care off the dog. I will try to help you next time.”

Well Always Remember : Saying NO is a very honourable response and You have every right to say “No”! Nobody feels bad if you say no for something, they will find out somebody else to do the job.

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