Don’t be an Office Slave, Live your life!

Well, this goes out to all my friends, who are working their ass off for their jobs and missing out on their life. Some people are working seven days a week and for what? Get a life people otherwise your life will pass on and you will look back on this time and say I missed on this and that.

Get clarity

Yea fresh out of college, got the campus placement and now working hard on your jobs. But wait a minute and see where your life is going, is it going according to the plan, or do you even have an idea? Wait a second and look at what you will become in next five years, will you like what you will become in next five years or so.

Do the work you love

Everybody has seen 3 Idiots I guess; you should work on what you love. That is the fact. People make money doing everything. People get millionaires doing a scrap business, in online marketing, being a stock charts manager and you can choose any company or job you will find people who are earning a considerable income doing what they love. If you hate your job, you are getting more stressed, angry and shitting your life.

Make a balance in your personal and professional life

Yes, you have heard it a thousand times I guess, but this is the right time to remind you to do it, do not give your whole day to the job, and make time for your friends and family and things you love to do! You like playing cricket, call your friends and make a program to meet in the park to play it over the weekend. Love to play guitar, DO IT! Do whatever makes you happy and do it on a daily basis.

I guess you got the Idea, don’t piss on your life now hoping for it to get better in later years. Life is a journey, live every day and make it count!