Take The Road Less Traveled

Following are the last two lines of the Poem “Road less taken” by Robert Frost.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the ‘one less traveled’ by,
And that has made all the difference.

It is same with all of us, let us accept one thing most of the people you will meet are “Sheep’s” they will follow others in one way or the other, they will fear to take another road. They will worry to be the first in line. How many people you meet in your daily life who will always be saying you first when you ask them to do something. But few of us my friends are Leaders, they will take the road less traveled. They will be the first one to do the things. Let’s look at some things why some people are winners in their life, and some are mediocre.

1. Change: Change of work, change of place, change of something in their life. Change in anything they do. But a wise man has said the only thing that is constant in this world is “change” if you are not changing you are not growing. Think of it in this way, a plant will slowly evolve into a big and vast tree but it never stops growing, it never ceases changing. You were born a baby, but now you have turned into a man/woman, and you are still evolving and growing old and wise. Your environment has changed. By not accepting the change that is happening in your environment, in your society and in your job or business you are losing something, my dear friend.

2. Risk: You must have heard the saying that “No pain, no gain,” and you know its true, same is with risk-taking, “More Risk More Gain.” However, every person risk-taking ability is different. Some people are risk takers they aim high and try their best. Some people are risk averse, they would not like to take risks, they aim low, and sometimes they get there and sometimes even struggle to get to their little targets. My point is this friend, you should be in the middle, not risking everything being a total risk taker and also being an absolute risk averse and not taking any chances in life. For those who are risk-takers continue to aim high, for those who are risk averse add some spice to life, take some risks and enjoy the thrill and profits that it brings.

3. Positive Thinking: Positive thinking is one of the most significant assets that you should have if you want to try the road less traveled, you should not forget that in the end, it all comes to your mind only. People with positive mindsets always achieve more than the people with negative mindsets. They are always happier than negative people too and are more healthy also. So it is high time that you take these things into account and start thinking positively. I will write a detailed post about this in the future.

At last, I would say according to me above were the most important requirements that you should have before taking the road less traveled. Even if you don’t have them in you right now, just start walking on the path less traveled and believe me, my friend, everything that you need for your journey will be provided to you on the way. Wishing you success in your future ventures.

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