Think Big, Work Hard

Success can be defined in only four words, Think Big and Work Hard, that’s it, once you get these right, you will find success no matter what. Well in a way, success will find you!

Lesson Learned: Think Big

Well as I have learned from reading the secret “Thoughts Become Things”. It has become easy for me to understand how thinking big can make all the difference in my life. Whenever you start thinking big about anything on any subject your mind starts to give you some ideas how you can achieve the big goals that you are thinking. As advised by Dr. David Schwartz, in his book “The magic of thinking big” I started noting down these ideas whether they seemed good or not.

My Big Mistake: Well there are no mistakes in your life if you learn from them and move forward, but I would like to mention here that Ideas themselves are not even worth a penny unless acted upon. So my big mistake was that I was so happy with my ideas that I wasted a lot of time procrastinating and putting them off.

Lesson Learned: You can stop procrastinating anytime and start working on your Ideas, and when you make this choice, the universe will fill you with all the positive energy. Sure there will be some challenges but that what makes this journey worthwhile.

Work Hard: Well as for me when I start working I get lost in it, I do not worry about time nor should you. If you love your work, hard work will come naturally to you. Working hard will make all the difference, its only by working hard you will find the ways to work smart and fast. Thus making you an expert .

I wish you all best of luck in your venture and life.

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