Time – A Divine Currency

We are all traders in the market of life. Our decisions, actions, and experiences constitute exchanges we engage in daily. And there’s one common currency we all possess in equal measure—Time. Everyone gets 24 hours a day. No exceptions, not even for Warren Buffett or Elon Musk. Yet, somehow, we seem to have a warped perspective of this abundant, yet dwindling asset.

In the world of business, we often hear “Time is Money,” a phrase that has taken on a mantra-like significance in the hustle of entrepreneurial grind. But there’s a fundamental flaw in this saying: it assumes that time and money are interchangeable. But are they, really?

Consider money. It’s a human construct. We invented it, and now, it dominates our lives. We understand its value, we chase it, hoard it, and even let it guide our decisions. Yet, the dollar bill in your wallet, the digital numbers on your bank account – they’re inherently worthless. Their value is tied to an agreed-upon fiction, a consensus that allows us to trade it for goods and services. Yet, it’s ephemeral, fleeting. You can make, spend, lose, and regain money.

Now, let’s ponder about time. It’s universal, constant, and utterly immune to human whims. Each second that passes is a slice of eternity we’ll never get back. And here’s the kicker – we can’t earn more of it. You can’t save it, you can’t invest it for compound interest, and you certainly can’t buy it. Time just is. And yet, we squander it without a second thought.

Here’s where the lens of spirituality can offer a profound shift in our perception. In many spiritual traditions, time is seen as a divine gift. It’s the space within which we grow, learn, love, and become. It’s the canvas on which we paint the masterpiece of our lives. Every moment is a brush stroke adding color, depth, and meaning to our existence. And, like a master artist, we should treat each second as precious, applying it intentionally to create our desired life portrait.

In this sense, understanding the value of our time means appreciating it as a divine, irreplaceable resource. It means honoring each moment for the opportunity it provides for growth, connection, and discovery. It means saying “no” more often to distractions and diversions that do not serve our higher purpose. It means embracing the fact that when we say “yes” to one thing, we are, by default, saying “no” to something else.

So how do we start valuing our time the way we do money? We invest it wisely, where the ROI is happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual growth. We spend it generously, on relationships that uplift us, on activities that resonate with our true self, on pursuits that elevate our spirit. We protect it fiercely, from negativity, from the insidious pull of mindless scrolling, from the relentless chase of the inconsequential.

As we engage with the world, let’s recall that our time is the true measure of our wealth. When we understand this, we can start making richer choices, choices that nurture our souls, elevate our existence, and ripple out to impact the world in meaningful ways.

Remember, time, not money, is the only commodity we can’t afford to waste. Treat it as your divine currency. Because in the grand marketplace of life, how we spend our time is the truest reflection of our values, priorities, and ultimately, our spiritual journey.

So, my friends, spend wisely, spend well. The universe is watching.